GWO BST-R Manual Handling  e-Learning

GWO BST-R Manual Handling e-Learning

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GWO BST-R Manual Handling e-Learning


The aim of the course is to encourage positive manual handling behavior, to encourage participants to consider alternatives to manual handling through planning and to give the participants the basic knowledge and skills to perform manual handling tasks in a safe manner in the wind turbine environment.


Upon completion of the course, delegates will have achieved skills and basic knowledge of:

  • The importance of carrying out work duties in a safe manner in accordance with local legislative requirements.
  • Aspects of their job tasks that increase a risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Safe practices of manual handling, including correct handling of equipment.
  • Signs and symptoms of injuries related to poor manual handling techniques.
  • Problem solving approach to manual handling in a wind turbine environment.
  • Manual handling risk reduction techniques.

Admission Requirements:

  • All participating shall be medically fit.


24 months


12 participants maximum



230 PLN + VAT

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